Delicious homemade goodness

PIE ME is owned and operated by myself as an immigrant from Cape Town, South Africa. In fact, an area called ‘District Six’ a seedbed of multicultural ideas and activities, remembered fondly as a place of hardship and poverty, but one that also harbored a great sense of community. The pride of the region was felt within its variety and flavor of foods, and I continued the tradition by learning to cook and bake the foods that tied several nationalities and cultures together.
My passion for the kitchen and food spans 40+ years, and marries the flavors of Malay, Indian, and European cuisine in a simple savory snack - the Capetonian pie. My company, PIE ME, aims to bring these savory flavors to your home. I specialize in authentic "made from scratch" meat, chicken and vegetable pies, as well as, other traditional snack foods such as samosas and sausage rolls.
You may be asking, "Is that the same pie I've always eaten?" The answer is, not quite. South African pies are baked dishes made of fluffy pastry, filled with various savory ingredients and spices. The pies are typically served on their own with a selection of tangy or spicy sauces. Traditional fillings include steak, chicken, ground beef, and vegetable. They are most commonly served as a quick bite, but are hearty enough to be eaten as a family meal or to be served as a party dish.

      PIE ME is available to meet each of these settings, and is currently accepting personal and catering orders.